Beijing Today is the flagship media product of Beijing Today Media Center. Created as Chinese capital’s first English newspaper in May 2001, we continue to serve the expat community in new media form.

Our mission is to give foreign residents and China followers the information needed to integrate into life in the capital. We cover popular news topics in the local community, entertainment opportunities, cultural events and affordable dining and shopping. Our culture and lifestyle sections contain exclusive content rarely covered by competing sites and publications.

Beijing Today is operated by the Beijing Youth Daily Group and published under the auspices of the Information Office of the Beijing Municipal Government.

Our print edition, which ran from May 11, 2001 to April 8, 2016, was published under the ISSN 2095-9591 and the 国内统一刊号 CN11-0120.

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Room 1801, 23 Building A, Baijiazhuang Dong Li, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China  100026
北京市朝阳区白家庄东里23号院A栋北京青年报大厦1801 100026
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