To some believers, one of their beliefs is that a human’s soul goes to heaven or hell totally depending on what the man has done during his lifetime, while the subject what the micro-film Soul Transfer Station (灵魂中转站) narrates is just about that.

Via a drunk driving man’s perspective, the micro-film sets forth life transmigration and retributive justice.

Soul transfer station, as the term suggests, is similar to a terminal that every kind of soul all stop here. More vividly speaking, here is a courtroom. Each soul will be on trial and then be determined what he will be reincarnated.

The first person coming on the stage is a playboy, who dies of sudden heart attack. In his lifetime, he binges and womanizes every night, treating female as a toy. Even after he dies, he is still impenitent about his behavior. In the end, he was sentenced to reincarnate as a sandbag, being punched by woman each second.

Second person is a corrupt official. Many people died on account of those documents he signed. As a punishment, he was sentenced to go to hell. Third person is a lawyer who often files suits for the riches. But hiding in the gent appearance is his perverted mind. Finally, he was sentenced to be a dog.

When looking at the first three stories, the audience may feel pleasant that bad men are all being punished. But as the fourth story begins, this feeling may be changed. The fourth person is a girl who committed suicide because her boyfriend abandoned her. At the last moment of her life, her phone was ringing, that was her parents calling her back home to eat dinner. Sadly, their dear daughter would never come back. She died, leaving them endless grief. Unlike the first three persons, the girl felt regretted in the station. So, for repaying her parents, Death sentenced her to reincarnate a morning glory, accompanying her parents until they die.

In term of cast, the film has no famous stars. But considering its visual quality and plot, it is still worth watching. And these topics–drunk driving, corruption and suicide–being mentioned in the film also make people ponder.

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