The plot “wiretapping and anti-wiretapping” is always Hong Kong director’s favorite. This year, two directors Mai Zhaohui and Zhuang Wenqiang brought their classic film sequel Overheard 3 back to the big screen.

Although Overheard 3 uses the plot wiretapping as well, the setting is totally different from the first two films’. The story is about real estate crime, narrating a rich and prestigious family being involved in a shady deal of developing real estate in the New Territories, Hong Kong. In the land scramble, the relationship inside the family is gradually destroyed by money, and family members begin fighting one another under the lure of money and power. Obviously, this fight is destined to end with an internecine tragedy.

The blasting fuse of the conflict is the policy “Ding Quan”. Briefly speaking, “Ding Quan” is a land policy made by British colonial government in 1972. It means that every man born in The New Territories has a right to use a certain proportion of land. As time changes, the antique policy “Ding Quan” is unsuitable for present development of Hong Kong any longer and it has hindered Hong Kong land planning for 42 years. But in view of many complex causes, government of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region cannot abolish or change the policy all along.

Before Overheard 3, there is no director daring to touch the sensitive topic. However, “We once came into contact with some formidable figures in real estate circle before we chose film topic, and we both thought the topic had a great value,” Director Zhuang Wenqiang said, “Although shooting such kind of film was dangerous, we deemed it was worth taking a risk.”

Now that the film is related to wiretapping and anti-wiretapping, advanced eavesdropping devices are essential. Based on the first two films, Overheard 3 shows the audience more high-tech equipment. In addition, Hong Kong actor Gu Tianle, Liu Qingyun and Chinese-American Wu Yanzu meet again in the film. They all act the leading roles in the Overheard trilogy.

Overheard trilogy all focus on realistic topics. The first one reveals the darkness of securities market; second one unearths stock market; and third one digs deeply in real estate industry. As the last film of Overheard trilogy, Overheard 3 makes a great breakthrough in content and structure. Each lines sharply points at the dark side of Hong Kong real estate transaction.

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