Only needing RMB 5, now you can see the movie One Day in Chinese cinemas.

One Day is a noncommercial film. It is made up by nine inspirational and moving stories. Each story has ten minutes. It tells that nine vulnerable groups of children bravely pursue their dreams, including needy children, children with dyslexia, mentally handicapped children, children who are trafficked, blind children, obese children, deft and dumb children, left-behind minority children and children whose parents are in prison.

As its producer and publisher, Huayi Bros. Media Group wishes with the help of image, more vulnerable children could get the public’s attention; more people could show solicitude and give a hand to them.

The shooting expense of One Day is collected through donations. About 350 filmmakers spend 900 days creating the film and 12 Chinese stars act for it without fee. In order to promote the film, Zhou Xun, one of stars acting the leading role in the film, invited the initiator of the film Sun Amei to come to her “One Night” charitable concert on July 16, introducing audiences the nine stories. In the film premiere, Zhou appealed people could take ninety minutes to know and care for these “special” children.

One Day sets a good example for domestic noncommercial film industry. Its all-star cast, distribution pattern and marketing model are worth learning. Huayi Bros. Media Group came to an agreement with some Chinese cinemas, setting the ticket price to be RMB 5. Chief Executive Officer of the company Wang Zhonglei said, “Huayi makes no profit from this film. We all wish the low price could attract more people to pay attention to charitable cause.” To cinemas, RMB 5 is only enough to fill their basic screening expense. Therefore, most cinemas are not willing to participate in the charitable activity of “RMB 5 film ticket” and the number of cinema showing the film is few. Even so, Sun Amei still felt satisfied. “At least, it is a good beginning,” she said, “the charitable activity is similar to ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Via it, we have successfully attracted the public’s attention to these neglected children.”

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