National College Entrance Exams (gaokao) for 2017 has just finished. Like in the past years, gaokao questions attracted many people to compare the difficulty level in different cities and to test themselves by answering the questions. Students also shared their answers online to look for the right answers. This year, a question in the section of reading comprehension in the Chinese test of Zhejiang province seemed to be the hardest question.

As soon as the Chinese test finished, many Zhejiang students who took the exams complained on social media that the question of the reading comprehension was extremely difficult to catch the point. Some said that the years of effort was defeated by “a fish.”

The question was about the understanding of a description in an article by Gong Gaofeng, a Chinese writer. In his article, he mentioned “the weird light of a dead fish” during dinner of a poor family in a poor age.

On Weibo, Gong said that the story was based on the real experience of a friend, and the “weird light” at the end of the story was to foil the atmosphere.

Gong said that gaokao is a kind of game in which players have to obey the rules. The students have to figure out the answer that satisfy the question designer as well as have their own understanding of the article.

Gong also pointed out that students found it hard because they never experience the poverty in the past.

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