Zhaopin.com is a website that provide job seekers with a platform with positions in all kinds of industry. People submit their CV or resume to the system and send to companies to apply for a position. However, recently, three people were accused of the crime of infringing personal information because of trading the resumes.

Last year, Shen Huan, a technical staff at zhaopin.com, found vulnerability in the system. Shen downloaded resumes from the system and contacted Li Chao who worked with the department of customers’ service. Shen and Li sold 15,000 resumes to Yu Qiuyun, a headhunter of a company.

According to Shen, companies sign contract with zhaopin.com for downloading contracts from the websites. The normal price of a resume is 50 yuan, companies have a discount of 10 yuan for each resume. The resume includes people’s name, ID number, address, phone number, email address and work experiences.

When partner companies complete paying for the resumes, Shen Huan sent a username and password to the company to download the resumes. Ordinarily Shen Huan will confirm the order after the company finish downloading. However, Shen found that it he does not confirm the order, the resumes will be recovered and sold again.

Shen Huan gained around 400,000 yuan through illegal sales of the resumes. He gave Li Chao 30,000 yuan. The three were accused by Chaoyang court of the crime of infringing personal information.

Wang Lu, lawyer at Beijing Fucheng Law Firm, said that many crimes are based on personal information, such as telecom fraud and blackmail. According to the national law, serious situation of selling personal information will be sentenced in prison for at most 7 years.

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