Only having similar life experience, a writer could be able to write an excellent story. Just because of his living experience in childhood, Chinese writer Bajin had abundant material to create the trilogy Family, Spring and Autumn.

Based on the feudal extended family where he lived for nineteen years, Bajin wrote the critical novel in order to criticize evil old society and family and to praise revolutionary spirit.

The destiny of Gao family runs through the trilogy. Respectively, the three stories describe three representative figures of the family. The three main characters in the trilogy are three brothers. They have different character, thus leading to their distinct fates.

The first book Family sets the third younger brother Juehui’s story as a prelude to the decline of the family. Juehui is a pioneer who first revolutionizes in the family, and then leads other family members to join in the revolutionary cause. He is a representative who is influenced by democratic thoughts during the period of the May 4th Movement. He fights against corrupting thoughts; he aspires to reform corrupting society. Although sometimes his anticipation to the revolution is exaggerated and his criticism to the old times is too subjective, the spirit of revolt he shows heartens readers. In the end, Juehui leaves his rich family secretly, proceeding towards revolution without hesitation.

Sharply contrasting to Juehui, the first brother Juexin is kind of weak in character. He is a victim of feudality. He is forced to give up true love; he is forced to abandon his dream; even, he is forced to lose his happiness. Nevertheless, in the final analysis, his miserable destiny is caused by himself. If he has a little revolutionary spirit like Juehui, totally he can change his fate. But, until his wife is indirectly killed by feudalism, he is aware that he should fight against feudal family. To the character, Bajin despises him but also shows sympathy for the poor youth.

The second brother Juemin’s character falls in between Juehui and Juexin. He has revolutionary spirit, but he remains hesitant to revolution. He fears his feudal family, but he has courage to fight it. Bajin seems have a preference for the youth – he creates a relatively flat experience for Juemin, let him realize dream and obtain love.

Bajin, born in 1904 and died in 2005, is an outstanding Chinese writer. Family, Spring and Autumn is his most classic works.

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