Saving has always been the virtue in Chinese traditions. With the development of the living standard in China, waste of food has appeared in many cities. In order to advocate the “Empty Plate” action issued by the Beijing Municipal government, many restaurants promotes take-away, online ordering and other new ways to avoid wasting food.

The “Empty Plate” action was first released four years ago which aims at avoiding people from wasting food. At that time, restaurants began to charge diners for the food boxes to take the left-over food away. This caused many people to give up paying extra for taking the food away.

A man surnamed Wang told Beijing Youth Daily reporters that plastic bags and food boxes used to be free. But now most restaurant stops providing free take-away service. A woman surnamed Guo said that a food box cost 1 yuan or 2 yuan depending on the size. It is not expensive for a single box but it is a lot of money if diners take away left-over food every time.

To support the “Empty Plate” action, time-honored restaurants promote free take-away to encourage people to empty their plates.

Jia Yuefei, manager of Beijing Huatian Food Group, said that the portion sizes of dishes are adjusted. Waiters and waitress are trained to give advice on diners’ orders to control the waste of food.

Many other restaurants also started to adjust the portion sizes of the dishes to satisfy different diners.

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