June 7 and 8 are the dates for national college entrance exams (gaokao) every year. Shop owners seize the chance to sell everything related to gaokao with higher prices because parents and students would like to pay for everything to pray for gaokao’s score and admission of a better university, even superstitious events.

In an online gaokao forum, a user named “Pray Studio” post an advertisement. The studio said that their job is to provide onsite praying service for students who are going to take the gaokao. They promised to return the money if the pray event does not help after the gaokao.

Beijing Youth Daily reporters contacted the studio for more information and asked about the qualification of the event wizards. The studio said that the event cost 1,000 yuan and the wizard has just served three Beijing students. When reporters kept asking more about the pray, the studio said that any doubt would destroy the pray and they refused to say anything later.

On taobao.com, reporters also found similar shops and contacted for details. The shop owner charged 500 yuan for telling reporters what to do to obtain the blessing fengshui regarding the structure of the room in order to have a good score. After payment, reporters sent the pictures to the shop owner who suggested putting bamboo on the desk, wearing white but no red or yellow. The service was finished.

Director of psychological consulting center at Capital Normal University said that parents blindly paying for anything to help students shows the anxiety of the family, which will cause pressure and stress to students, and cause more social problems or even turbulence to communities if this scam goes much further.

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