May 31 is the World No-smoking Day. The regulations on smoking control has been carried out since June 1 in 2015, eleven big parks have banned smoking in the public except Taoranting park, Purple Bamboo Park, Beijing Zoo and Yuyuantan Park.

Now it has been two years since the application of the regulation, however, smoking in public area still exists in the public.

According to Beijing Youth Daily, parks have three problems in controlling public smoking. The first is the lack of enforcement. According to the regulation on park control of Beijing, park supervisors have the right to issue tickets to visitors who violate the rules, but guardians in the park do not have enforcement right. Most parks in Beijing have more guardians in the park and park supervisors often sit in the office. In most cases, guardians can only persuade visitors to stop smoking but cannot issue them a fine ticket.

The second problem is that visitors ignoring the notice of the no smoking hang in the park. Cleaners in the park told reporters that there are often tens of cigarette ends on the ground near the benches.

The third is the bin for putting lighters. These bins were placed to allow visitors to put their lighters in before entering the park. But most people throw garbage in the bin.

Zhang Jianshu, the director of Beijing Tobacco Control Association, said that the awareness of public smoking of citizens are weak. Zhang pointed out that most people stopped smoking in shopping malls, restaurants and indoor areas, but they think that park are open spaces where smoking does not disturbs others.

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