According to the regulation of the department of transport of Beijing, non-local registered vehicles should obtain the city entrance permit of Beijing. Recently, Beijing Youth Daily found that drivers use Duoduo Jinjing, an navigation app that has marks of traffic surveillance cameras and reminders to skip the application and payment of the city entrance permit.

Reporters found that an app named Duoduo Jinjing priced 18 yuan claimed that the app was designed to help non-local drivers to enter Beijing. The introduction showed that the system of the app has recorded the traffic surveillance cameras in Beijing. When drivers use the app to navigate, it automatically shows a route that avoids maximumly 80 percent of the cameras.

Reporters found that the traffic surveillance cameras are marked as red spots on the screen. When passing by the cameras, the system will pop up a reminder for drivers of the direction of the road cameras, which lane to go and other instructions. The traffic surveillance camera list in the app shows that there are 177 cameras during rush hours and 192 cameras along the entrance ways to Beijing.

However, a driver who has a non-local license car said that he was attracted to download the app because of the camera-avoided service. But the driver said that after he tried the navigation several times, he was still spotted by the traffic surveillance camera and fined for a big money.

Beijing Traffic Management Bureau reminds drivers that such service is designed by individuals. Following the wrong instructions may cause severe accidents and legal punishment.

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