Chinese parents have been worrying about their children when they graduate from primary school because of the limit vacancy of admission to top-tier middle schools, where students have more opportunities to be admitted by good high schools after three years’ study.

Beijing Municipal Commission of Education recently announced that Beijing is having new policy for middle school students, the “1+3” program.

In the past years, Beijing has been integrating the resources of education in the city. Also, in order to reduce the pressure of young primary school students regarding graduation and middle school admission, Beijing started the “Nearby Policy” which means primary school graduates can be automatically admitted to the nearby middle school according to the location on their hukou.

On June 9, Beijing Youth Daily contacted the Beijing Municipal Commission of Education and found that Beijing has started a “1+3” program for middle school students.

Students can apply for the “1+3” program in the sophomore year. After an interview settled by the schools in the program, students have the chance to be possible selected and accpeted directly by these top-tier schools and finish high school through the program.

Currently there are 36 schools in the program. Approximately 3,000 students will be accepted by the program. Compared with last year, the number of schools and accepted students are dramatically increased this year.

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