Passengers recently found that in railway station, the pink soft train tickets which have been used for more than 20 years disappeared. Passengers only receive blue magnetic tickets.

Beijing Railway Bureau confirmed that the city is replacing all the soft pink paper tickets with magnetic ones. With the development of the internet and the increasing number of railway passengers, automatic check-in is needed to speed up the process. There is also a high demand of the security of the ticket which paper ticket cannot meet all the requirements.

Railway department said that the magnetic tickets look like paper but it allows all machines to verify the passenger through the QR code. The counterfeit ticket will be immediately detected.

Currently, Beijing South Railway Station, waiting room of high-speed train and Beijing West Railway Station are all equipped with the new system to reduce labor force.

In recent years, Beijing railway system gradually uses ID card to replace magnetic ticket, which is even more convenient.

During the Spring Festival this year, Beijing West Railway station opened six full-automatic check-in machines, which allow passengers to help themselves to go through the verification by swiping the ID card and magnetic ticket.

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