On June 1, the project to protect juveniles co-held by Beijing Civil Affairs Bureau, Higher People’s Court of Beijing Municipality, Beijing Municipal Education Commission, Beijing Public Security Bureau and other departments, was officially carried out.

96156 hotline that deals with juvenile emergencies was also opened. There will also be emergency shelters in streets in Xicheng, Tongzhou, Fengtai and other districts to help nearby juveniles.

According to documents from Beijing Civil Affairs Bureau, left-over children in China are those whose parents leave home for work or cannot take care of their children.

There are also four kinds of children who are in difficult situations. Children who cannot go to school or receive medical care because of poverty; children who are abandoned, maltreated, harmed because of lack of family protection; children who cannot get involved in the society because of severe injuries or disabilities; children who lost their family because of accidents such as kidnapping.

The statistics released by the government showed that by August 2016, Beijing had more than 10,000 left-over children and children who are in difficult situations.

With the opening of the hotline, juveniles will receive better protection. Jin Linde, researcher at Beijing Rescue Management Center, said that 110 is only for emergencies regarding violence, maltreat and abandon which cause serious injuries to juveniles. But the 95156 deals with almost all kinds of accidents. The emergency shelters near the communities also receive the elders, women and other people who need help urgently.

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