Beijing Municipal Bureau of Justice recently held the 7th Open Day of Judicature. Beijing Youth Daily reporters found that Beijing Chang’an Notary Office has set up Chang’an Testament Service Center for elder people, which is the first testament service center in Beijing as well as in China.

On the press conference of the Open Day, the bureau released 16 convenient law services, including reducing service fee. The bureau notified 25 notary offices in Beijing that since June 10, all offices should open free testament service to people over 70 years old as well as disabled people and people who live on pensions. Service fees are also canceled regarding alimony, child support and minimum income support.

Zhou Zhiyang, director of Chang’an Notary Office, said that the free testament service used to open for people above the age of 80. According to the 160 cases the office handled in May, 39 percent of the customers were above 80 while 90 percent were above 70. To provide better notary and law service as well as allowing elder people to manage their properties well while being consciously healthy, the age limit was changed to 70.

Jiang Duheng, the director of the testament office at Chang’an Notary Office, said that being the first testament law office, the office provide systematic and professional service to maximumly protect the benefit of the elders.

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