A small city Putian in Fujian province used to be famous for its healthcare networkings all over the nation after the accident of Wei Zuxi, a boy who died because of receiving wrong treatment at a Putian owned hospital.

Recently, Putian became famous again because of its mass production of fake shoes and its fake receipt of delivery.

According to Beijing Youth Daily’s investigation, shoes manufactories in Putian cooperated with delivery companies. The manufactories produce shoes with logos of famous brands such as Nike, Adidas and other foreign brands. Shop owners, being as the wholesale agent, buy fake shoes from the manufactories and sell to customers. Once customers complete payment, the manufactories contacted partner delivery companies to fake a tracking number, which lies to the customers with fake delivery receipt and tracking number.

Though governors of Putian claimed to clear the fake shoes industry, the manufactories still exist on the internet.

Reporters found that some wholesale e-commerce platforms put the advertisement of high quality counterfeit shoes on the homepage of the website. Staffs at customer service promised that the shoes were A class of high quality and the place of origin shown on the shoes is Putian.

A pair of fake Nike shoes sells for 190 yuan and Adidas is 160 yuan while the original version in shopping malls selling with price around 800 yuan.

On May 28, Chen Huiqian, deputy mayor of Putian held a conference and require that enforcement team investigate shoes’ shops to stop the illegal business. Delivery companies have started to clear out fake records from its online delivery system.

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