In order to improve the patient experience of going to the hospitals, many community health care centers in Beijing started to allow patients to pay after receiving treatment.

A 63 year-old woman surnamed Liu who live near Changying, Chaoyang district, told Beijing Youth Daily reporters that she registered in the automatic machine without paying. She went to see the doctor when the system called her name. Liu took the prescription and the bills to pay after she finished the treatment. Medicines were also collected at the same payment counter.

Compared with traditional process of seeing a doctor, which requires many times of payment after each process, the new methods saves much time for patients and makes the whole process easier to complete.

The revolution was officially released on April 8. Community health care centers in the six districts in Beijing began to carry out the new methods at the same time. After 50 days, more community health care centers in Beijing started to use the same way to improve the efficiency.

Yang Hua, director oChaoyang Commission of Health and Family Planning said that the new method encouraged more people to use the automatic registration machine, which avoids waiting in lines at the counter.

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