This summer, an Internet drama became a hit around the country. Its popularity brings the original book back to the spotlight again. It is Back in Time (匆匆那年).

Back in Time is a bestseller which was written by Jiu Yehui and was published in 2008. Through the protagonist Fang Hui’s recollection, readers seem to enter into the period of the 90s. In Fang’s narration, she spoke of the old days on the campus, historical events like fifty anniversary celebration for the founding of China and Beijing’s successful bid for Olympic Games, and the hardship in life after she graduated. However, the key point of the book is not these. The most important plot which touched many readers is Fang’s recollection to her first love. Like many love stories, Fang and her boyfriend Chenxun’s love had a good beginning. Unfortunately, this romantic love had not a good ending. They fell in love in high school, but after entering into the university, their love was under test. Finally, the couple broke up.

From a unique perspective, the writer depicts the 80s generation’s growth in a humorous way, and she also adds personal regret to past time in the story. Since Jiu was in the university, she had begun to conceive the story. In 2007, she spent almost one year on finishing the 38 thousand words novel. This book which is her third novel received a good review as soon as it was published. Via it, Jiu became a famous writer in China and the book title Back in Time was regarded as a synonym of the 80s generation’s collective memory.

For a long time, the 70s generation has the book So Young telling their story, and the 90s generation has Tiny Times describing their youth, but the market always lacks a book showing the 80s generation’s life. But now, Back in Time fills the vacancy.

Following the novel being adapted as the Internet drama, Back in Time will appear on the big screen. In December, readers will be able to appreciate the affecting story again in the cinema.

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