The Embassy of Argentina announced on June 15 that Argentina is officially opening 10-year travel and business visa to Chinese.

Ambassador said that the new visa policy plays important role in encouraging Chinese visitors to travel to Argentina. As well as pushing the tourism industry, Argentina also wants to enhance the trade relations between the two countries in order to attract Chinese investment to Argentina.

Ambassador said that the two countries have been negotiating for more than a year and corrected the stereotyped opinion of Argentines on Chinese people.

According to the tourism statistics by the Embassy of Argentina, during the two years between 2015 and 2016, more than 100 million Chinese people went to travel around the world, few people went to Argentina. Argentina is doing more to encourage Chinese people to go to their country and the new visa policy is the first and very important step.

The new visa policy for Chinese citizens includes no limit of entrance in the ten years’ time with a maximum stay of 90 days per visit. Chinese citizens can go to consulates in different cities to apply for the visa.

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