Zhou Quan (pseudonym), a woman in Jinan, Shandong province, was not happy about her pregnancy for the second baby because being fined by her company. Zhou’s company said that they had a plan to allow female staffs to be pregnant, but Zhou’s pregnancy was out of plan and she did not tell anyone in the company.

Zhou said that after China opened the second child policy, her company soon made a regulation, which required female staffs to take turns to be pregnant. The regulation said that at most two female employees can be pregnant in one year, two were being arranged separately in April and October. According this regulation and company’s plan, Zhou’s pregnancy was scheduled in 2020.

Zhou signed on the regulation before she knew that she was already pregnant. Considering that 31 years old is an elder age and rather dangerous for abortion, Zhou decided to have the baby.

When Zhou was taking maternity leave, her company called and said that she was punished for 2,000 yuan for not having the baby according to the company rule and pregnancy plan.

Zhou was still fined for 2,000 yuan and the bonus during the leave though she argued with the company. She said that she was the only person pregnant in the whole year and it didn’t affect the company.

Han Xiao, lawyer at Beijing Kangda Law Firm said that it is illegal for companies to have requirements on pregnancy of female employers. The labor contracts also should not contain any terms of marriage and pregnancy.

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