After public bicycles being accepted by citizens, public cars begin to appear in Beijing and other cities. However, there have been potential safety dangers.

Recently a man in Chengdu, Sichuan province caused traffic accidents when driving the public cars. One passenger was dead and the other was injured. The man borrowed driving license from friends to register in the public car renting system. Beijing Youth Daily reporters also received complaint about the same phenomenon in Beijing.

A woman surnamed Qian told reporters that one of her friends had the same experience. Qian’s friend Zhang came to Beijing on a business trip. Zhang borrowed her sister’s driving license to register in the public car service platform because Zhang does not have a driving license. Qian said that it is dangerous for Zhang to drive. The platform didn’t have investigation on the registration and allowed anyone to use the public car.

Reporters downloaded the app and registered in the system. The application was immediately processed and approved after signing with phone number, message verification code and uploading driving license.

Reporters tried using other people’s phone numbers to register. It was successfully approved and the platform did not ask for any verification.

Spokesperson of TOGO, the designer of the public car service platform, said that now they can only depend on users complying to the regulations.

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