Recently, The Embassy of Denmark in Beijing post an article on Weibo about overflew oysters on the beaches in Denmark. The article “Overflew Oysters in Denmark but Danish People Are Not Happy” mentioned that an oyster named “Pacific Oyster” invaded Denmark, which resulted in the damage of the marine ecosystem in Denmark. Denmark government and scientists can do nothing to help though people have complained about the problem for long.

Pacific Oyster is a species that does not belong to Denmark coming from the south. Pacific Oyster has grown on the beach of Denmark for more than 10 years. Danish citizens said that swimmers have to wear shoes to step over them. Danish original oyster “Limfjord” was almost extinct because of the invading species.

Professor Jens Kjerulf Petersen, director of Denmark Shellfish Research Center, wrote an article about the analysis of the problem and appeal that government takes actions to stop the Pacific Oyster growing. Denmark government has advocated citizens pick up oysters to cook for meals, but local people preferred eating original Limfjord oyster. The article was forwarded by the official Weibo account of The Embassy of Denmark in Beijing.

As soon as the article was post on Weibo, Chinese citizens have been giving advices in the comments. Most people suggested that Denmark offers a special tour visa for Chinese visitors who go to Denmark for eating oysters.

Though The Embassy of Denmark responded that the special visa is not available, the government appreciates the suggestions and recipes for solving the problem and Denmark, and they welcome Chinese visitors to come to Denmark.

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