For many years, handing over cash with muddy and sweaty hands is often seen as the traditional payment method for vegetables and fruits trades. Till recently, new options are appeared at markets.

Market Management Center of Shunyi district recently signed an agreement with Alipay to allow online payment in the 47 agricultural markets, 12 convenient stores and 9 community chain supermarkets in the district. Shunyi district also announced that they have joined the “No Cash Union” which promotes online payment to replace cash in the markets. A popular vegetable market Xinyuanli Market in Chaoyang, which was renewed earlier also joined the union and provide online payment service to customers.

In Sanyuanli Market, more than 80 percent of venders have Alipay QR code. A shop owner surnamed Zhang told Beijing Youth Daily reporters that during the past ten years, at the beginning, she only accepted cash. Later she set up a POS machine when she found that customers used card more often than cash. Zhang said that now people often take a phone with and scan the QR code to pay. “I’m often busy with looking after the business. Online payment saves the time of receiving cash and giving exchanges.” Zhang said.

Statistics showed that in 2015, Alipay started to cooperated with more than 50 agricultural markets in Beijing for promoting online payment service. In February this year, a new service was launched on alipay which allows merchants to create their own “QR code of collecting money.” Now more than 2 million shops joined the “No Cash Union.”

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