Baiquanshan natural scenic spot in Huairou district in Beijing reminds people of natural views. In recent years, it has been attracting more visitors not only for its beautiful sceneries, but also for Liyuan Library, which is regarded as the most beautiful library in China noted on travel guidebooks.

As the library becomes more famous, it attracts more people to come for a visit. However, librarians felt disturbed because many visitors come to the library only for selfies to share on social media. Librarians said that when the crowds are disturbing and messy, the library is no longer “beautiful.”

Liyuan Library is made of wood surrounded by trees. The library was finished in 2011 and officially opened to public in 2012. At early times, only curious villagers living nearby and students who majored in architecture design came to visit the library.

Pan Xi, curator of the Liyuan Library, told Beijing Youth Daily reporters that their only requirement for readers is to wear shoes covers to enter the library. Pan said that in 2013, they received complaints from villager that there were plastic shoes covers on the ground. Pan said that that was the first time they realized that they felt confused.

In 2014, Pan said that the 170 square meters’ library could accommodate more than 60 people, which was crowded. People held meetings and even slept on the ground.

After Liyuan Library was rewarded as one of the 18 Most Beautiful Libraries in the world by Business Insider, more people come to the library for a visit, but not for a place to read. Some readers complain that the library smells bad and is noisy.

Pan said that they welcome every reader to come to read books and Pan hopes that everyone can care others while staying in the library.

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