Gao Hongbin, former deputy minister of Ministry of Agriculture, president of Dairy Association of China, said on a press conference that many customers feel proud to drink imported milk which is the symbol of “rich people.” Gao said that milk should be fresh, but not expensive.

Gao emphasized that the expiration date of imported milk is 1 year. He also pointed out that after the melamine accident in 2008, China has been sparing no effort to improve the quality of milk. “During the eight years, China’s milk has been under strict supervision and control. Citizens can drink domestic milk with no worries.” Gao said.

Beijing Youth Daily reporters went to some big markets in Beijing and found that more than 10 brands of imported milk from Germany, Netherland, Australia, New Zealand, Austria, Switzerland and Ireland were on the shelves. The shortest expiration date of these milk is eight months and the longest is 1 year. The price for one liter of milk is between 17.9 yuan and 53.6 yuan.

A market staff said that imported milk is expensive because the price includes tax and transportation. One of the most expensive milk from Germany sells for 26.8 for a 500ml bottle. Compared with imported milk, the expiration date of most domestic milk is 3 or 4 days. 500ml milk costs about 4 yuan.

Last year, investigation by General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine showed that many imported milk from Australia were unqualified with bacteria. Statistics show that the nutrition in domestic milk is also higher and well preserved than the imported milk.

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