A resort hotel in Haikou, Hainan province recently announced that they are going to hold the first Firefly Culture Festival. The event is planning to release thousands of fireflies in the city. As soon as the news was released, local environmental protection organizations appealed that the activity will the giant amount of fireflies and cause damage to eco system.

On May 10, Haikou Forestry Bureau announced that the event has been called off. Officers said that the fireflies were imported from Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region without any quarantine checks.

Beijing Youth Daily reporters found that many online shops sell fireflies. Shop owners claimed that they could provide fireflies to customers to hold big events. Experts of fireflies said pointed out that introducing fireflies from other regions may cause bio-invasion which destroy the ecological balance of the local environment.

Environmental protection organizations also mentioned that fireflies have strict requirements for living conditions. It is a crime to environment disregarding lives of thousand fireflies.

Fu Xinhua, professor of plant science at Huazhong Agricultural University, said that though fireflies are not listed as protected animals and there is no specific law to protect them, they are the indicator of the local environment. Fireflies should be protected for eco-system balance.

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