Recently there has been a trend of make family trees. Some online and physical stores sprang up to provide family tree service. Service providers are often senior people who are willing to spend money and time on searching for information about the history and stories handed down from the elder generations.

One of the family tree service shops is located in Zhongguancun, a busy area that gathers many technology companies. The family tree shop founded by Tu Jincan is one of the family tree shops in Beijing.

Tu provides writing biography, publishing designated family tree book to customers. In Tu’s shelf, there are hundreds of books about surnames, biographies and other historical materials.

Tu Jincan told Beijing Youth Daily reporters that they have done family tree books for more than 300 families. On average they receive 6 customers who come to them for family tree books. New customers also come to the shop and refer to other families and design their own.

Tu said that they have an elder person and a younger person to visit the home city if the customers require.

Besides the traditional family tree shops, online version of family trees are also available now.

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