Steelyards have been the only way for venders to measure weight in the 1980s and 1990s. Since electronic scales were introduced to the Chinese market, venders have been trying to be tricky on the scales.

According to a recent investigation by Beijing Youth Daily, a lot of electronic scales sold online became the tools of the venders to fraud weight and price of the products.

Reporters’ experiment showed that in the distance of more than 20 meters away from the electronic scale, a remote control can make the products weigh twice as heavy as the original weight. According to the regulation on weight in business, the weight error of a product weighing 1 kilogram must be less than 20 grams.

On, reporters found that the description of such electronic scales are “anti-cheating,” and “anti-remote control,” when reporters asked the shop owners, they claimed that it means the electronic scales can be controlled.

The electronic scale has four buttons. Reporters put one liter of water on the scale under the original mode. The scale showed that the water weighed 1 kilogram. When pressing button B, the weight became 1.05 kg, pressing button C it showed 1.08 kg and pressing button D it showed 1.15 kg. After pressing button A, the number went back to 1 kg.

Han Xiao, lawyer at Beijing Kangda Law Firm, said that cheating customers with electronic fraud can cause less than three years’ sentence in prison as well as paying for punishment.

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