Since last May, Beijing Jiaojing (Beijing Police), the official app developed by Beijing Police for citizens to check traffic violations, deal with accidents and for nonlocal vehicles to get entry permit of Beijing.

The purpose of the developing the app is to provide citizens with easier access to traffic issues instead of waiting in long queues. However, the convenient service became the promotion methods of some Automobile Sales Servicshop (4s shop).

Staff at some 4s shops persuaded customers that Beijing license was hard to apply, but nonlocal license is easy to get. “Entry permit of Beijing for nonlocal licensed cars are no different from Beijing licensed cars as long drivers have the entry permit, which can be gained easily through applying on the app.” Staffs said.

A woman surnamed Shi who is a local beijinger and owns a Heibei licensed car told Beijing Youth Daily reporters that it has been complicated to apply for an entry permit of Beijing in the past, but the app solves everything. Shi said that now she avoids driving on the second ring roads and Chang’an Street during rush hours. Everything is the same as a Beijing licensed car.

Staffs at 4s shops also said that now the supervision is stricter. “Getting a nonlocal licensed car requires people to have a resident certificate of that city, for beijingers it’s usually Heibei province. It is stricter now to get the Heibei certificate.” Staffs said.

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