May is the season of graduation. Most graduates that find a job were required to submit physical examination, including the blood test which shows hepatitis B status. Students who carry the hepatitis B virus look for other ways to submit a qualified physical test report because of the discrimination on hepatitis B by companies, which leads to the business of physical examination agency.

Though China has clear regulation that employers should not require hepatitis B test, many companies look for other ways to check the hepatitis B virus.

According to the investigation by Beijing Youth Daily, physical examination agencies look for substitutes to take the blood test, provide fake certificates, contact hospitals to change blood test report and other services. Substitute service of blood test charges 1,200 yuan and changing the blood test report charges 3,000 yuan.

Reporters contacted some agencies and staffs said that the prices vary because of the difficulty of different services. The service for the physical examination of civil servant is the most difficult because of the stricter requirement of the companies regarding the examination report. The price is about 30 to 40 thousand yuan.

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