On social media platforms, a lot of netizens complain about the experience of playing crane machine. Players found that it was hard to catch the dolls with the crane even after trying thousand times.

Workers at a big crane machine manufactory told Beijing Youth Daily reporters that the crane of the machines are designed with different strength levels for various sizes of dolls. However, it has become the way to make money through adjusting the crane to a looser mold by vendors.

Reporters found that in a big shopping mall near Dongzhimen, there were 13 crane machines. Players can scan QR code to pay for game coins. During the 30 minutes of observing, many people came to try on the machines and none of them succeeded in catching a doll. The price of the dolls listed in the crane machine was 40 yuan, so it seemed attractive for players to pay 2 yuan to try. However, the dolls were much cheaper than the shown price and usually people would like to try more times.

Vendors are never satisfied even the crane machine is popular. Crane manufactories pointed out that vendors have their own requirements of the crane machine to ensure profits. Technicians said that they help to adjust the level of the crane. They can set up the number of times to successfully catch a doll, for example, a doll of 5 yuan can only be caught after twenty tries on the machine.

The strength of the crane can also be adjusted during the process of the catching. Insiders said that now there are enough crane machines in busy areas in Beijing. There needs to be standards and supervision on the crane machines, otherwise the crane machine will be abandoned by players.

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