In Chinese history, armors were the necessary equipment of soldiers. Now armors have become collections displayed in museums.

Recently, five armor fans have been wearing the Chinese traditional armors and practice for the 8th Historical Medieval Battle held in Barcelona at the end of April. Armor fans from around the world will participate in the battle wearing armors that have been existed in the history.

On April 15, five men were practicing armor battles wearing armors of Ming Dynasty for the last time. Cao Yingke, the team leader of Chinese team, said that Historical Medieval Battle started in 2010. In the past, most participants were Europeans and Americans who dressed like knights. Cao said that China has its own traditional armor, but it never had a chance to be shown the world since there were no Chinese participants.

This year, Cao and four team members will show the world Chinese armors. Kang Lu first suggested in the chat group for armors that they build a team to participate in the battle. Kang was surprised that many people agreed.

Kang Lu said that foreigner were even more exciting to see Chinese participating in the battle. “We uploaded our videos of practicing, many foreigners commented that they were looking forward to seeing Chinese armors and fighters.” Kang said.

Team manager Gao Peng said that they searched for information about Chinese armors and they had to update the function for flexibility while without losing the features of the armors. Cao Yingke and Xu Guoji were responsible for making the armors.

Kang Lu introduced that the armors are about 25kg to 50kg. The price of one armor is at least 20,000 yuan. Team members pay for the armors and the trip themselves. They also had to read history books about wars. Cao Yingke said that every one was injured but they still look forward to bringing Chinese armors and fight to the world.

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