On May 10, China’s first folk fashion show Momoda was held in Beijing. Unlike big fashion weeks held in two seasons in one year, models on the stage of Momoda are ordinary girls under 30 from around the nation. Webcasting platforms, social media platforms and reporters from famous websites came to report the event.

New York famous designer Vivienne Tam, famous designer Ma Yanli, former dean of college of fashion at Parsons School of Art and Design Simon Collins, super model Huang Chaoyan, God Father of Chinese fashion industry Shouma, famous ballet dancer Qiu Siting, advanced customization designer Grace Chen, Chief Content Officer of Marie Claire Yang Hongli, editor-in-chief of For Him Magazine Wang Yang were invited as the judges. Famous Chinese actors and actresses including Dilraba, Liu Yan, Ling Xiaosu were also guests.

Zhihang, the founder of Momoda Fashion Show, said that the theme of the show was “Style Has No Size.” “Fashion Week has always been a place where insiders pretend to be cool. Clothes from designers have also been away from ordinary people and many of them only focus on creativeness. As social media has sprung up, there have been more ordinary people who are good at fashion and design. They can’t and refuse to get into the mainstream so they found their own circle. Chinese people have money but lack the concept of fashion and design. What we do is to provide people who have talent in fashion and design with opportunities to show themselves.” Pan said.

The show also consists of PK section. Only, Mark Fairwhale, Issey Miyake and other famous brands provide the show with clothing. Hongjie Studio and famous photographer Kean Millar also participated in the fashion show.

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