Since May, Blue Whale Game, also known as the game of death from Russian, has been spreading all over the world, including China.

Participants of the game aged between 10 and 14 years old. All participants should comply with the instructions given by the organizers of the game. No player survived the game. Till now, 130 Russian teenagers have committed suicide and the game is still spreading to the world.

Countries including the UK, Argentina and Mexico have releasing warnings to citizens to keep away from the game. According to some Chinese netizens, the game has already been introduced to China.

Though more than 1,300 online messages related to the game have been cleaned by QQ, Baidu Tieba and other social media platforms, the game still exists.

On May 15, 6 students in Anhui province were addicted to the Blue Whale game. After talking with their parents and teachers, the students finally got rid of the game.

According to an investigation by Beijing Youth Daily, people who claimed to be the organizers of the game asked for naked pictures of the players, which is a new way of fraud.

The criminals first pretended to be the organizers and then asked the participants if they are female.

Integrated Law Enforcement on Cultural Market said that they are going to have stricter supervision on the game in order to protect teenagers.

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