The second match of weiqi, a game played with black and white pieces on a board of 361 crosses, between human and robots were held on May 25. Ke Jie, the weiqi master was defeated by AlphaGo for the second time.

After the game, Ke said that AlphaGo was really smart. In their first game, Ke who played with black pieces saw no hope in winning through the game. In the second game, Ke played with white and felt that he almost won at some moments, but at last he was still defeated.

Ke said that he was nervous because the opponent was strong and he saw the hope to win the game. “I have a new understanding of life after the program was created. If knowing the rules of the game means you understand 1 percent of the game, I may only know 2 percent. But to me, AlphaGo is 100 percent.” Ke said.

Ke felt that the machine had constant pattern to play at the first time and this time it had slight different in the time of thinking. Demis Hassabis updated a message that according to the data by AlphaGo, Ke’s play was unbelievably perfect.

Ke said that he is going to challenge AlphaGo for the third time soon based on the former experience.

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