An organization who claimed to be the head of a domestic charity group recently attracted people from different cities to come to Beijing to “pick up bonus money.”

The organization advertised that on April 24 and 25, participants pay 10 yuan to receive a 50, 000 yuan bonus money from charity. Beijing Youth Daily reporters found that the National Stadium was closed on April 25 by police to evacuate the victims.

A woman surnamed Xiong told reporters that her mother was one of the victims. Xiong’s mother came to Beijing from Shandong province. Xiong said that her mother was in a WeChat chat group. All members were required to use an ID photo as their profile photo. They had to provide their ID card number and a bank account to the group leader.

Members were introduced by friends to join the group. Xiong said that the leader promised group members to be the managers of the future company. Later, members were required to send out lucky money of 10 yuan or 20 yuan in the group.

Gao Feng, director of Criminal Investigation Branch, Huainan Public Security Bureau said that the group had rules. They held patriotism ceremony every morning and there were tutors introducing the team frequently.

Xiong said that she knew a woman who had spent over 100,000 yuan in the group and get nothing back.

Since 1970s, criminals have been saying that the royals and noble families of the ancient times left big fortunes for the next generations to strengthen the country. They also claimed that Kuomintang of China (Chinese Nationalist Party) left their assets in China’s mainland and abroad. Assets valued over trillions of RMB were left to the country.

In the past, the fraud was spread by word of mouth. 40 years later, criminals found an easier way to develop, the internet.

On April 24, Beijing and Tianjin police arrested 31 people of the fraud. On the next day, the Ministry of Public Security announced that they are having stricter supervision on activities involving domestic charity, ethnic assets and pension service which target on seniors.

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