On April 14, a video on Sina Weibo about a woman insulting a beggar granny at Xidan subway station was quickly spread over the social media. Netizens commented under the video and most blamed the woman.

The granny who was insulted is Niu Yonghui, who has been known by people for many years. Citizens called Niu Yonghui “Xidan Granny” because she lived on collecting scraps.

Niu Yonghui came to Beijing to work as a home nurse when she was 20 years old. Later, Niu’s home was removed. Niu had nowhere to live so her three children left her in Beijing. Since then, Niu lost contact with them. Niu started to collect bottles and sell them for money in 2009. Niu Zhonglong, her nephew who worked in Beijing started to look after her. In August in 2012, Niu Zhonglong was injured in a car accident and went back to Anhui for treatment. Niu Yonghui started to live alone.

Niu Yonghui was later diagnosed rectal cancer and intestinal obstruction. The society was touched by the perseverance of the 85-year-old granny. Many organizations started crowdfund to help Niu to receive operation. In October, Niu Yonghui received a donation of 100,000 yuan.

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