Qualification certificate of cargo driver on the road is a necessary as an ID card is important for a Chinese citizen. Knowing the traffic rules and laws, passing the exams are required to be done before a person becomes a cargo driver. However, recently, a group of people were found cheating in the exam.

On April 13, more than 10 people were organized to take the test of cargo qualification certificate at a driving school in Fangshan district. One person could receive 40 yuan after taking the two exams in the morning. Beijing Youth Daily reporters even found that a certificate sells for 1,500 yuan on the internet.

On the evening of April 12, reporters joined a chat group of substitute test takers. The group leader said that only men could the job and they only had to follow the instructions.

31 people in the chat group participated in taking the exams. According to reporters, on the morning of April 13, 60 men were waiting at Xingong subway station. At the driving school, a staff gave each person a note with name and number on it without asking if the name and the person matched. The organizer of the substitute test takers told them to remember the name and if someone asked them to show their ID card, they could say they forgot to take it.

In the test room, while the reporter worried about the exam, a staff started to read the questions and the answers. Test takers were allowed to mark the correct answers on the question sheets. 20 minutes later, another staff in the room started to give each person a new answer sheet with correct answers. The staffs told all to put the new answer sheet under the question sheet. Test takers only need to write down the name and the number they received when entering the room.

Reporters called the driving school and the staff said that people used to get the certificate without taking the test, but now the regulation is strict so everyone has to take the exam.

Insiders said that it was not hard to connect truck accidents with this problem. To be stricter on the qualification of the practitioners is a basic requirement to ensure the road safety.

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