China has been having stricter supervision on pornographic videos on live-broadcasting platform in the past two years. Web broadcasting hosts involved in pornographic contents were banned to log in on broadcasting platforms. While live-broadcasting platforms have been cleaned, Weibo, one of the most popular social media platforms in China, were found pornographic contents.

Integrated Law Enforcement on Cultural Market recently announced punishment on Micro Dream Internet Technology Co., Ltd (Micro Dream), the operation company of Sina Weibo, because of pornographic contents on weibo.

During the three months between January and March, weibo started allowing users to post online videos without getting license of online audio and video programs. Many of the videos spread on weibo were violated to the regulation on Internet audio and video program services.

Weibo has been the target of pornographic content. However, users found other ways to post pornographic videos. Famous weibo accounts recommend other accounts on their posts, on which pornographic contents were post. It’s difficult to clean the pornographic contents on weibo because one can have many personal accounts to post whatever they like. Once an account was banned, they quickly logged in other accounts. Some users also lead the customers to WeChat where they sell porn videos.

National Anti-Pornography Office said that since the “Cleaning Action 2017,” which aimed to clean all the pornographic contents on the internet, was carried out, local offices in different cities have been working hard on cleaning pornographic contents. The national office said that more effort will be made to supervise on big platforms to ensure the internet safety.

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