On April 3, a netizen post pictures on Sina Weibo about a few visitors chasing after peacocks in Badaling Wildlife Park.

The picture showed that four visitors including two parents and two children were chasing after peacocks on a hill. One of the man was holding a peacock feather in his hand.

On April 4, Beijing Youth Daily reporters contacted Badaling Wildlife Park. The spokesperson of the park confirmed that visitors can touch, feed and take photos with the peacocks in a short distances. The park said that they have notice boards everywhere in the park to remind visitor to protect animals. They usually stop them from hurting the animals once they see it on the surveillance camera. However, the spokesperson said that the man holding the feathers were out of the surveillance camera area since the peacock garden was huge. It was difficult to tell if the man pulled out the feather from the peacock or picked up from the ground.

The park stated that the peacocks were not found injured. March and April are the months in which peacocks grow new feathers each year. It is unlikely for them to shed feathers in this season.

In the afternoon of April 4, reporters found that many visitors hade uncivilized behaviors to peacocks. A woman forced to lift up a peacock to take photos regardless of park staff asking her to put the peacock down. A boy was chasing after a peacock holding a toy gun.

Staff at the peacock garden told reporters that it happened before that visitors chased and pulled out the feathers from the animals. They usually stopped them, which led to complaint from the visitors.

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