With the second child policy released in 2015, hospitals in Beijing have been busy since the last two years. Midwives who help doctors to deliver the babies become in great demand.

Under the new policy, Beijing Health Vocational College opened a new major of midwife in 2015, being the first school that has this major. According to survey held by Beijing Youth Daily reporters, 36 students of the major who will graduate in 2018 have already received job offers from different hospitals. Students have to pass two exams to get two certificates and have worked for one year before they officially become a midwife in hospitals.

Shi Zhongyang, director of Admission and Employment department at Beijing Health Vocational College said that the three-year path of the program had 36 students and the five-year path had 40 students. Shi said that he often received calls from the hospitals looking for midwives.

In March, Beijing Municipal Commission of Health and Family Planning had a meeting, which reported that the number of new born babies in 2016 was 100,000 more than 2015, increased by 62 percent.

A nurse who has worked at Beijing Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital for ten years told reporters that since 2015, midwifes were in great demand. They take turns to work and each shift works for 12 hours a day. One midwife is always responsible to take care of many new mothers.

Wang Songling, deputy headmaster of Capital Medical University suggested that China should learn from the system of other countries to open degree programs of midwifery to cooperate with the second child policy. Now Capital Medical University has applied to open the program. The degree in midwifery will be available this year after permitted.

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