As the weather is getting warmer, women started to go to beauty center to receive therapies of losing weight. A new popular fire therapy has been popular recently. However, Beijing Youth Daily reporters found that the therapists in many beauty centers are unlicensed.

Fire therapy claims to make people lose weight in a short time by burning alcohol on wet towels that are covered on the body. One period of treatment cost up to tens of thousands yuan.

Li Xin told reporters that she was first interested in the new therapy, which was a traditional Chinese medicine therapy. Li said she was later frightened by the short video shared from the owner of the beauty center.

In the video, a woman with white towels all over her body was lying on the bed. There was blue flames on her arms, legs and buttock. Three women in black suit were standing beside and spreading alcohol onto the flame.

According to Li, fire therapy in traditional Chinese medicine is burning a wet medicine soaked small towel on a certain part of the body. Li thought that burning towels on the whole body seems dangerous.

Reporters went to the beauty center located in Chaoyang, and found that the small therapy room had three beds. There were also towels and alcohol bottles on the tables between the narrow spaces between the beds.

The therapists also said that many practitioners have no license because they change jobs frequently. Most beauty centers only train the therapists before they do therapy on customers.

In August in 2016, a citizen in Chongqing was burnt during the fire therapy. In April, a man in Nanjing had his leg burnt. In January in the same year, a woman in Jilin had her face burnt and left scars.

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