Late March in 2017 is cold but citizens still went out for outings in Spring and to visit graves before April 1, the tomb sweeping day.

According to the statistics released by the bureau of civil affairs of Beijing, during the weekend of March 25 and 26, which is the last weekend before the tomb sweeping day, 215 cemeteries in Beijing received more than 1.12 million visitors. Babaoshan Cemetery, one of the most famous in Beijing, received 59,000 visitors.

Babaoshan Cemetery is one of the most famous one in Beijing. Most patriotic revolutionists were buried here. Every year, Babaoshan Cemetery receives visitors who come to show their respect to the great people.

Meng Xian Kai, the spokesperson of Babaoshan Cemetery told Beijing Youth Daily reporters that this year, the cemetery has taken early actions to welcome visitors. In the hall of bone ash, hall of heroes, there are 10 sacrificial tables in each hall, free flowers for citizens to show respect to heroes, and free service of writing on the monument of the heroes.

Meng also introduced that Babaoshan has created a new way to place the bone ash. In the Rongzhen Yard in the north of Babaoshan Cemetery, bone ashes can be placed under the trees, flowers and grass, in the light pole or in the lake. Meng said that the new environmental friendly method to bury the bone ash saves spaces.

In the Rongzhen Yard, bone ashes can be placed under the trees, flowers, and grass. They can also be placed under stones, in the lake and spread to the land. The bone ashes will be equipped with accurate GPS system with an error of less than 3 meters.

Babaoshan’s environmental friendly cemetery was built in August in 2015. Now Beijing is encouraging more cemeteries to change the traditional burial.

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