In recent years, Australia and other countries have opened a new visa to Chinese citizens: work and holiday visa 462. Traveler-workers can enjoy a one-year vacation while doing a part-time or a full-time job. The job attracts many people to participate in the program. However, recently, Embassy of China in Australia told Beijing Youth Daily that they have been receiving complaint from Chinese traveler-workers about contract and labor dispute during their stay in Australia.

In 2015, Australia opened the new visa to Chinese citizens. People who hold the work and holiday visa 462 can travel in Australia as well as working legally during the 12 months’ stay. However, they cannot work for the same employer for more than 6 months.

The government of Australia required that applicants should be under 31 years old with passing English test scores and at least a bachelor’s degree or two years’ study in university. Only 5,000 people can have the chance to get the visa each year.

A woman surnamed Peng is one of the first 5,000 people that traveled and worked in Australia.

Peng saw the recruitment advertisement of a sushi restaurant near the Gold Coast. Peng worked there for three months. Sometimes she had to work for 10 hours a day. The restaurant covered accommodation and meals for Peng and Peng got 10 Australian dollars per hour, which is lower than the required minimum hourly pay of 17.7 dollars.

In last October, Peng was told that the restaurant no longer wanted to hire her and pushed her out of the dormitory. Two months later, Peng reported to Fair Work Australia and showed the evidence of her employment registration form, salary sheet, visa and passport, as well as the information of the restaurant in order to prove the legality of her employment.

Peng received 2,259 dollars from the restaurant at the end of the year.

Other people faced with problems such as fraud contract, non-refundable deposit, underpaid salary with the contract and rentals. Most happened in farms, cafes and restaurants in remote areas.

Fair Work Australia said that Chinese workers should turn to them once they have problems. The Fair Work Australia provides free service of translation. They also remind Chinese workers to record the license and other information of the employer in case they have problems.

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