At the end of March, Beijing Education Examination Authority released a new regulation on the enrollment of universities for 2017. According to the regulation, third level universities will be canceled and the schools will titled as second level universities.

The level of universities depends on the scores required for admission of each school. Top level universities requires the highest scores in gaokao.

According to the statistics by Beijing Education Examination Authority, the number of students participating in gaokao (college entrance exam) this year is 60,638. Compared with last year, there are three major changes in gaokao.

The first one is that third level universities are canceled. Former third level universities will have the same requirement as the second level universities. Students can apply for 6 second level universities and 6 third level universities in the past. This year, they can apply for 10 second level universities.

The second change is the required scores of the new second level universities. Education experts said that the admission line is determined by the situation of students’ exam results, the number of top level and second level universities and the situation of students’ applications of schools. A few second level universities may have higher admission line than some top level ones.

The third change is the extra bonus for students from minority ethnic groups. Extra bonus will not be awarded to all minority ethnic students, but only those who moved to Beijing from Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, mountain area, pasturing area and minority ethnic group gathering places.

Beijing Education Examination Authority introduced that there will be stricter supervision on every step in the procedures of enrollment to prevent unfairness and cheat.

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