Last week was the tomb sweeping day. Citizens went to Babaoshan Cemetery to visit the passed away. In Babaoshan Cemetery, Yang Weiwei, a cadaver makeup practitioner, works from 5 o’clock in the morning to 4 o’clock in the afternoon.

Yang Weiwei told Beijing Youth Daily reporters that their team has five female surgeons who dress up the cadavers and apply makeups on them. The average age of the five surgeons is 27 years old. They all majored in funeral technology and management in vocational college. Yang said that their job is to clean the cadavers, dress them up and make them look good.

Yang said that they have two shifts each day. The first shift works from 5 am to 4pm and the second from 7 pm to the next noon. They have to freeze on more than 40 cadavers on a busiest day. Yang serves about 5 cadavers on each day.

It takes up to several days to work on one cadaver. Sometimes it takes less than 20 minutes depending on the condition of the cadaver.

Yang said that at the beginning of the year, Babaoshan Cemetery introduced a 3D printing studio, which shortens the time to restore the face and the body.

The 3D printing machine makes a face model according to the photo of the cadaver. A 7-day work in the past can be done by the new technology in 12 hours now.

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