Arctic Ocean, also known as Beibingyang, is a time-honored Beijing traditional shops that makes Beijing snacks. People born in the 1970s and 1980s are familiar with food produced by Beibingyang.

In recent year, an increasing number of food producers appeared in the market. However, traditional brands still stand out in the market. In last December, Daoxiangcun, another famous traditional Beijing food shop, relaunched its kabobs which have been popularized during the 1980s and 1990s and later disappeared. Many people went to wait in queues for the old taste.

In 2011, Beibingyang’s orange soda drink which was popular in the 1990s went popular again. This summer, Beibingyang is going to bring back another best-selling products, ice creams.

Xing Huiming, the chief food engineer of Beibingyang Company, said that in order to bring back the feelings of the past memories, some products such as red bean ice cream bar will be packed by wax paper like before though it raises up the cost of labor.

Xing introduced that they kept the original recipe of the old products, however, to make the products better accepted by both new and old customers, they have to upgrade the recipe while remain the original taste. Dai’erlin, which used to be sold in a bag of 200g for 1 yuan, is one of the upgraded product to be relaunched in summer. Xing said that old Dai’erlin used little milk. The new product is made of natural cream with fruit jams.

Red bean ice cream bar sells for 2.5 yuan. The price of other new products will also be cheaper than most products in the market.

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