Since 2016, live stream webcasting has been the one of the most popular online industries. However, webcasting has been under supervision and found with problems such as pornographic activities. Recently, Beijing Youth Daily found from public report that audiences tipping webcasting involving with under aged children stealing money and fraud public fund. The amount is approximately 9 million yuan.

According to the 39th national internet development report released by China Internet Network Information Center, by the end of December last year, China has 344 million webcast viewers watching live concerts, reality show, live game show and live sports show, which took up 20 percent of the total number of netizens. Webcast audiences take up more than 47 percent of the total number of netizens.

In the webcast annual big data report released by, one of the most popular webcasting websites, it showed that more than 1 billion “donuts” (visual icon paid by audiences for tipping) were given to webcam hosts in the last year. Each donut equals to 1 yuan, which can be bought on the platform.

However, money came in different ways.

On February 23, a man surnamed Chang who was an accountant in a state owned company in Huaian, Jiangsu province, was caught stealing government fund of more than 2.8 million yuan, 96 percent of which were used to tip webcast hosts.

In the same month, Xiaolong, a twelve years old boy from Chengdu, Sichuan province spent 60,000 yuan on tipping webcast hosts in five seconds by swiping his mother’s credit card.

According to the statistics collected by Beijing Youth Daily, most webcast platforms do not have supervision on the identity of users. On February 27, the Ministry of Culture claimed that they will launch stricter investigation on webcast platforms regarding broadcasting contents and operations.

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