College Entrance Exams, generally known as gaokao, is one of the most important events for Chinese students. Apart from getting excellent scores to stand out, students also have easier accesses to be admitted by top tier universities before gaokao. One of them is having patented products.

Before gaokao, each university can have its own tests known as the independent recruitment. Students must meet the requirements released by different universities to be qualified to take the tests. Passing the independent recruitment tests of one university adds additional scores to students’ gaokao scores if they apply for this university at first place.

One of the requirements for most schools is that students should have patent products.

Recently, patents have been sold online, and the market has grown bigger since most independent recruitment tests begin in March, April and May.

Beijing Youth Daily reporters searched for patent and independent recruitment test on, and found that there were companies that provide patent application, patent transfer and other services related to patent.

As well as being used in gaokao, many shop owners claim that the patent is also beneficial in professional title assessment, graduate admission, application of studying abroad and getting hukou in top tier cities.

Experts explained that patent is allowed to be transferred without investigation on the transferee. Universities should have strict supervision and investigation on students’ patent regarding the process of taking independent recruitment tests.

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