With the popularity of public bicycles, the concept of “shared service” has been applied to many industries. “Public KTV” is one of the latest new service. Many people regard this new service as “shared service,” just like the public bicycles. However, insiders hold a different opinion.

On the 4th floor of Changying shopping mall in Chaoyang district, there is a glass booth named Mida miniK. In the booth, there are a screen, two chairs, two pairs of earphones and two pairs of microphones. Beijing Youth Daily reporters found that when people sing in the booth, they couldn’t hear from the outside. The recordings can also be saved and downloaded from the equipment.

A man who finished singing told reporters that the sound effect is better than KTV and it is also easier to operate. The small booth allows people to sing alone instead of spending more money to book for a KTV room with many friends.

Another woman said that her friend introduced this “public KTV” to her. However, she didn’t think the service can be regarded as “public.” The woman said that people pay little or no money for public service, such as 1 yuan to ride a public bicycle. But the KTV booth is expensive.

Reporters found that it cost 20 yuan to sing for 15 minutes, 35 yuan for 30 minutes and 60 yuan for 60 minutes.

Guo Xinmei, professor of the college of economics at Beijing Technology and Business University, pointed out that to some extent, the KTV booth is a public service, for people can use it without restrictions of time and service fees which are required by KTV rooms. However, it only serves people who like music, and does not benefit the whole society.

Cai Kailong, a famous Chinese entrepreneur, pointed out that in commercial world, many people abuse the concept of “shared” and “public” in order to attract customers. Such business cannot be regarded as real “public service.”

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